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Thinking of going darker. Need some hairspiration.

I want to keep the pink, maybe add more to it. Open to changing it to maybe a raspberry or another warm color too. Here are some ones I've been liking lately:

The first one is pretty close to my hair now if I threw in a bunch of chocolate lowlights. I'd like to do something really different. Anyone got any badass hair pics?

Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade

Something I know my sXe friends will appreciate:


Nik Scarlett opened a Root Beer review blog. Check it!

Even though I am also a consumer of sinful libations I am still a conosuer of fine root beers. Right now I am knocking back a Deerfield Trading Co Old Fashioned - real sugar / no corn syrup. If you've never heard of it I think Deerfield is contracted to be Walgreens brand. It doesn't have Walgreens on the label but it's the only place I've seen it. Its pretty good for a generic.

So far looking over what she's reviewed her tastes are pretty spot on w/ what I've found to be true so I better run out and grab some Appalachian Brewing Company Root Beer, never had it but it's gotten the best reviews. I think currently IBC is my favorite, especially the diet IBC because it tastes just as good.

Slightly off topic but I also need to find a way to get my hands on some Blenheim Ginger Ale- the stuff they sell at SOB.. NEED it.

"Jackie Treehorn draws a lot of water in this town, Lebowski. You don't draw shit!"

I guess I should stay the fuck out of Malibu.

Someone shared this song w/ me this morning. At first I got excited because I assumed this would have something to do with Michelle Pfeiffer and Rutger Hauer. So, after I got over my initial dissapointment I gave it a listen. Musically I really dig it, but vocals are missing something for me. Kinda feels forced / manufactured. Not enough emotion, like this chick could be singing anything they put infront of her.

Anyway, regardless of who the chef is in the kitchen I think it's a cool track. Looked her up some more and listened to two other songs, Paris is Burning and My Delirium... meh. Anyway, this one I think is mix worthy so enjoy. Feel free to share feedback.

I love Mori!!!

Sakariba Blues

Kanashimi No Waltz! Bitchez!

Onnano Tameiki

What I hate about working from home: worked until about 1:30 - 2am last night, got up around 8am and started again. It's after 6pm now and I am still in my PJ pants. I have no makeup on and I don't know what it's like outside. I know this is what many people like about working from home but it's just too much. I need partitions! Going to go take a long hot shower now, cook dinner, and then probably come back to this thing and.. work some more. The things we do in the name of progress.

I need some Teamocil to help get me through these days.

South of The Border- you are fucking up all my plans!

Ever since I found out that South of the Border had a "honeymoon" suite with a bed shaped like a giant sombrero I have made this a personal goal of mine to visit, pay homage to, and sleep under the nasty velour sombrero goodness.

It's only been about 4 or 5 years since I last visited Pedro, and to be honest I have not been eager to return. I mean, the food is lousy, the rides are broken, the employees.. well, best not even go there. It's a novelty. The giant statues are great for funny photo ops and the ginger ale can't be beat.

I've learned tonight that SOB is undergoing "renovations". Renovations that include tearing down some of the buildings, combining the shops, and yes, updating the hotel. No more carpeted headboards, they're making way for modern conveinence!

Dear South of the Border, you suck, but for godssake- don't try to change yourself! Part of SOB's charm is that it's a dirty, creepy, roadside attraction stuck in some weird land that time forgot. Update = BAD. Clean, restore, preserve = GOOD.

Seriously, it breaks my heart to know that this carpeted and mirrored monstrosity of a headboard is no longer in existence. If I find out they took down all the velevet paintings in the Sombrero Room Restaurant.. I don't even cry and you are about to make tears come out my face!

The things I love about you, South of the Border, is that half the items in your stores were made before I was born, that you sell a ginger ale so powerful it makes the back of your throat burn, and shit, in a way I even love the fact that you pour corn flakes on top of a scoop of vanilla w/ a squirt of honey and try to pass it off as fried ice cream. Don't try to be something you're not. Let's face it, Pedro's motor lodge will never be a 5 star resort. Slapping on a coat of paint, throwing the kitsch decor items in the dumpster out back and adding a few Comfort Inn style bedspreads does not a renovation make. South of the border IS sequined sombreros, illegal fireworks, bullfights on velvet paintings and nacho chips with unidentifyable cheese sauce. Take that away and you're going to kill it, you really are. At least for me anyway.

Chavez, also known as P-man, had another episode today.

He didn't totally lock up like the last time, and he doesn't go into convulsions and he doesn't pee himself. His first one was over a year ago on Halloween, so while I am disturbed I am hopeful that this will not develop into a more serious condition.

Here's a vid of another dog in similar state (it's kind of distrubing to watch though)
Chihuahua seizure 11/18/07

They had half a bowl full of dog food and fresh water when this happened. He's not a big eater so hypoglycemia may play a part. After he snapped out of it I gave him some cerial to get his sugars up and he was all about it. I know from experience he won't eat when he feels something is wrong.

Not really sure what the deal is. In the back of my mind I wonder if it's some side effect from when he had his elbow surgery, they didn't adjust the heat blanket for his size and the almost cooked him, then trying to bring his temperature down they almost froze him- this at the best animal hospital in the state, one of the best in the country. Fuck, I'll drive myself nuts over this.

Anyone deal with anything like this before?

I need need NEED him for next christmas-

For serious. Best Ornament EVER.

Learn from the Past Viewing 0 - 10